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I was going to write a note about planting trees.. and this seems a good place. I’m glad to see someone else is planting… it’s a long term thing.. but it has to start somewhere/sometime.
To steal a saying I saw somewhere else: The best time to plant a tree is…. twenty years ago. Failing that.. the best time to plant is NOW/today. I have done that 20+ years ago and the surviving trees are now giving me fruit and nuts. I even grew some wallnuts from seed.. and these are now producing. ( I bought grafted ones too and these are even better.. which is usually the case).
So before you plant (today).. you perhaps need to do some research about which varieties/ type of tree you can grow and the benefits of buying grafted trees, and the rootstocks that are used. Grafted trees will be more expensive… but they grow true to variety, and the rootstock can impart qualities such as disease resistance, improved quality, and sometimes size control… dwarfing, which you may want.
For example..Citrus trees.. which I planted this summer ( I got cheap trees out of season) and I am just now building little shelters for them as winter has started here in NZ and frosts are a danger to young citrus. I learned from my previous plantings that the rootstock used for most citrus ( Trifoliate orange… which is a thorny small tree, producing small inedible oranges) imparts Cold tolerance to citrus and allows me to grow in an area which would not have been considered “orange country” ( like Florida or Southern California.). Not only that but it imparts SWEETNESS..so I get beautiful juicy sweet oranges.. which is amazing. The main reason for trifoliate rootstock is disease protection. It also gives semi dwarfing which means the trees are managable.. tho I still need a ladder after 30 years. There is a type of trifoliate called “Flying Dragon” which is really dwarfing if you are restricted in space or need to grow citrus in big pots ( and winter them indoors).
I planted the variety “Fujimoto orange” which is relatively new, and should extend my orange harvest season by several months. I already have “Carters Navel” orange which is the industry standard.
And that’s just variety and rootstock selection….:-)…