Darin Prentice
Darin Prentice

mr. red… agreed. as a prepper i went from having enough soap to how do i make enough soap. i use to envy them guys with the cool toys and flashy stuff till theyd ask if i had batteries or there just wasnt reception in them mountain valleys. most folks seem to put stock in gear, they feel safe just having stuff. this april i strapped on snow shoes instead of taking a ski-doo and pulled a sled with supplies through the bush, i didnt want to but i did want to see what it was like…tough. now i know. in may come the rain..lots of rain and run off.. dampness.a newly installed fireplace in the trailer took care of that. the wandering wildlife like bears moose, bobcat… let em know im here so i break out the cow bell. we need others.. teachers, educators, engineers, laborers, all kinds of people. id be right willing to supply firewood, tend chores, help on the hunt, and learn all the while. folks just willing to teach are gold. expanding our knowledge base is vital for growth. two months iv been in the bush now alone, i sure could use a young worker guy. now theres an underated quality right there… a healthy young worker guy. ill take two please.

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