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Mr. Red wrote:
It’s hard to even comprehend how bad it could be in some areas. Really, it’s almost scary to think about it.

It’s terrifying to think about. The initial die off will be no joke. Take a look at the people in your daily life. Who’s on blood pressure meds, or is diabetic? Sleep apnea?, no more c-pap machine for you. Older folks on home O2? when it’s out it’s out. Who do you know that is simply too fat and out of shape for any sort of manual labor necessary for survival afterwards, not to mention people who for some reason only God knows simply don’t know how to do anything for themselves including cook a meal? Basically, anyone who would have perished in 1860 for lack of infrastructure or medicine will perish then. It will be beyond our imaginations. This is not even getting into basic sanitation issues and disease migration through a given population, malnutrition/starvation, violence, and accidental death.

“One Second After” by William R. Forstchen is a good read and I believe a decent estimate about life post-EMP.