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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Novus Ordo wrote:</div>David – We’re pretty close to that Adrian Rogers statement aren’t we? Applies outside the US too – many countries going through the “redistribution of wealth” issues causing much unrest. In between jobs myself so I understand the limited funds – agree though, much more important to have the right mindset and skills than “gear” to survive. Willpower will get you a LONG way.

Same with Jay & Selco – Please expound on the book titles or where we can purchase. I’ve read many authors of the genre, but always room for more to get those one or two “I never thought of that” nugget of information while being entertained a bit.

Semper Fi, K

I think we are pretty close to the end game. No telling how long the machinations of the current regime can keep it artificially propped up. It reaffirms my believe that the TSHTF scenario will happen in my lifetime.