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My last novel I actually titled TSHTF. It is about a man that is working for a Sporting Goods store where the owner is a prepper. The owner builds a compound that can house a community of like-minded people. A couple of natural disasters occur and there is a cast of characters, some good, some bad traveling a chaotic environment, all converging on the compound.

I wrote another story about terrorism in the guise of an outsourcing company and how access to corporate programming code could cause havoc in the country without ever firing a shot.

Another story was about a group of people living on a space station in the not-too-distant future and nuclear war occurs on Earth. After a period of time the orbit is decaying and they decide to take a shuttle and return to Earth, unsure of what will be there because of the communication blackout cause by all the nukes.

Another one was a detective story.

I fully intend to edit these stories and get them a little better for publication, or at least reading by an outside source. I wrote this as part of WRINANOMO or Write A Novel In November which takes place, you guessed it, every November. On at least two of them besides the general editing, I am contemplating changing the end up as I’ve had time to think about things for a while.