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90+% of the US dead within the first year although according to the article none may die in the initial blast? I found it funny that they don’t really say how except for the reliance on electronics to survive. So, basically I think this number is blown way out of proportion. People will do what they have to do – the pumps go out for the gas stations? So what – they did in Iraq too and we went to a station where the Iraqi’s had just run a long hose into the ground tanks and attached a hand siphon. Of course, the computers and such in cars will be fried, but what about the computers that are on the self at the parts store? What I’m getting at is people will figure things out and many of them (like us) won’t stand around waiting for the gubmint rescue. It would definitely have a serious suck factor, especially in those areas with lousy weather, and many will die – but no where near 90% unless coupled with Mr. Red’s idea. People lived and thrived without technology for eons and we’ll go back to that and still be better off due to the re-use of items made when it existed. Something to prepare for? I believe so, but not something to put at the top of the list IMHO.

There’s a guy named Scott Hunt who has a video coming out soon on how to prepare your home and vehicles for an EMP. Google it if interested or I can PM you the link.

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