Our homestead needs still lots of attention and work. We had some guys coming over with a heavy machine to grade our land and build in some terraces. The solar panel guys came to install new stuff but forgot the screws… pretty typical for this country. People dont pay much attention to details.

We will move a second truck load of things we have up from Bangkok in the next week. Busy times but it is sort of positive stress! :)

Question to Tweva and all you other hobby or more serious gardeners. What works well against flys? We have a couple of flys on our land and would like to get rid of them. Just annoys my wife a bit. Any ideas?

Our neighbor also sprayed some nasty herbicide. We are not happy about that and will talk with him about stopping this. We are about 30m away from this and he sprays rarely and only on ground level but still…

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")

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