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I can solve 1 & 3 with the phrase

“Buy Local”
Establishing a value is easy, for now, refer to the CRIMEX (comex) and that too will rise as use goes UP.
GTFO Walmart, avoid chinese goods as much as possible. We are starting a food co-op in my city, which
will lead to much increased local buying and selling.

Problem 2 is not quite as bad as it seems, you can buy silver rounds all over the country. Lots of reputable firms make 1 oz and smaller rounds, .1, .25, .5 ozt and then the gram sized bars. Just got 3 x 5 gram bars in a purchase this week!
It’s not too hard to detect fakes, and serious merchants and buyer/sellers will learn QUICKLY.

Folks have discussed this for a while, the biggest hurdle is getting people to convert over to using Silver.
As you may or may not know, the Constitution set us up with a Silver Standard by
defining the Dollar as 371.25 grains pure silver (the average weight of 10 Spanish Dollars, which was the WRC of the day)
and Gold was indexed off of this standard Dollar, or 1 ozt of Gold being equal to 20 Dollars. SILVER STANDARD!

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