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Repeat as needed. ~ Whirlibird Good recipe ! Somehow stuck in my mind. Lol

Jay, it is very important to teach puppies from the very first time to eat from their bowl. Not to feed them by hand, throwing food at them. Criminals shoot dogs or stab them with a knife , screw driver. If the dog is trained they use processed meat or sausage – put two step – organophosphates and carbamate ( Aldicarb) inside the meat to poison them.

The first signs of poisoning start within minutes. The dog gets the feeling of pins and needles and start licking his paws and legs. He might have wobbly hind legs. And when the poison starts eating away it get really ugly. I use activated charcoal made from coconut shells, with any first signs. Then straight to the vet for injections. Special diet follows and it normally takes months before the dog is in good condition again. They get permanent liver damage most of the time. I’ve managed to safe my current dog twice last year. The first time was very bad. I’ve lost a dog two years ago – even the fish in the tank died that night. I got sick from cleaning up with a mask and wearing gloves

Twice in one year?
This would not end well for someone.
I’ll tolerate a lot, but you mess with my dog and I will hunt you down and your long buried grandparents will feel your suffering.