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I am more in line with VinnyVoodoo when it comes to existing gangs in cities/suburbs and probably those that would initially form immediately after SHTF. People in general don’t like change. SHTF will be a big enough change. People tend to gravitate to and stick with what they know and are familiar with- especially when the rest of their world has been ripped apart. Rural areas – hell, ‘the great outdoors’ – are a mystery to many, many people. Heck – open country/land/woods scare the crap out of many ‘city’ people – and I’d lump current gangs in their with it. I have always been amazed by all the people that are perfectly happy living in an apartment in a city all their life or in a townhouse with a washcloth size patch of green for a yard. It is dark even now out herein the country. Roads are not very wide many times and not well marked. There are ‘tigers and bears – oh my!’ out here. Then too, most Americans at least IMHO, wouldn’t recognize ‘food’ in it’s non-grocery store state, or without it’s processing/packaging, if it fell over it.

Ever taken your produce to a farmer’s market to sell? You would be stunned, shocked I am telling you at the number of people every week that ask ‘What’s that?’, ‘What do you do with/how do you cook/eat that?’ Right now if you looked at my main food garden you would see lots of green, flowers but the ‘food’ is not obvious at all. My trial rice field looks like ‘grass’. The potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, wheat, carrots, garlic etc out in the fields just look like green stuff. Huh…I doubt most people that don’t garden/farm would not have any idea that that field across from me that is so green is soybeans. In my back acres, this morning I had to go FIND my cows, sheep and the pigs. They aren’t sitting there saying ‘Here’s dinner’. The small holding farms are much different from the larger farms and huge corporate ag farms some entity (referring to what Selco cautioned about pre SHTF ‘terms’ for thongs) might want to ‘take’. And, they usually mono-crop.

Farmers and land owners aren’t stupid people. They are used to ‘living in the future’ because working with Mother Nature, you have to. Many, many of them see what lies ahead and don’t think they have not been making their own plans for their own hierarchy/groups to rise up in their areas when the time comes. With their combined assets (think of what you can make defense wise of some of the ag components used in farming) huh, I think some that think the rural areas are going to roll over or are easy pickings (incl any gangs) are going to be in for a really rude awakening. I know of several groups that have been meeting for some number of years now that get together on a regular basis and talk about things like this and they have made plans.Comprehensive plans. In the shorter term they are also of course wielding their influence where they can in things/affairs of men, making contacts galore and watching/listening, always watching/listening what is ‘going on’. This is not just in my broader area. I have family out west with major tracts of farm land in several states and I know this is the case there as well. Don’t forget, all those small town PD’s that have been ramped up with tactical gear are made up of people – people who are connected through family who have jobs/are employed by many of these growers etc. And the growers/farmers have great influence on them in many cases. Their are ties there unseen.