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Time is getting Short, 1974!

Signs are indicating it could be this year, I think the plan is a few more years but this huge machine of our world economy is not completely under their control. Russia, trying to establish more control in European Energy markets has pissed off the Petro-Dollar bunch, and prompted resistance in the Ukraine. Syria was part of this too. (IMO)
Russia is pushing back and it is the U$D paradigm that is their target. China will likely reign in Russia, as they still hold too much U$ debt in T-Bonds to allow Russia to topple the U$D too early. Putin just sold ~20% of Russia’s T-Bond holdings, and the F’ed Reserve laundered the buy-back thru Belgium and the money came from the ECB’s “secret bailout” that was rumored to have been paid for during the Obama reign.

So, if TPTB has their way, they will pump the dying U$D system for all it is worth for a few more years, but Russia and China can make it topple at any time. But they will wait until they have a minimum exposure versus the possible gains from selling slowly to the world market. That “world market” is really a misnomer, the only real buyer of U$T Bonds is the F’ed Reserve, but QE is being tapered, so they have to “back door” these purchases.

As you can see, it gets really shaky from here until the end. But the end is inevitable AFAIK…

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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