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Let me say that my advice to get some Silver has a couple of modifiers:

1. You cover the basic preps FIRST, and cover them well.
2. Don’t over do it on the PMs, especially if you have a likely bug out ahead of you,
meaning you have to get out of the city or certain area, and weight is a concern.

But real money (gold, silver) is more of a bridge to after SHTF.
Value during chaos is very limited, and can even be a liability!
Selco just had a post addressing this, and I had to agree 100%!
I should have sold my silver when it was $50 but I held it. I could
have sold it all, bought twice as much when the price dropped
and still had a nice profit for my efforts. It’s good to have, but
don’t make that your primary focus. You will have time to earn
money after the “Big Reset”

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