True, but this story about Dengue Fever in the US just backstops what I said here about a month ago – that cities attract people. People from everywhere, and with our own Government complicit in selling us all down the river and literally allowing anyone into the country from any 3rd world ********, we’re seeing – and will see – crud come out of the cities that has never been seen before. Stuff we have absolutely no natural immunity to. Rarefied crud that requires specialized medications made hundreds, if not thousands of mile away…

This is compounded by the fact that “immigrants” are so pig-ignorant that, even in a land of plenty like the US (where even the poorest people run the risk of morbid obesity), they import “bush meat”. **** like bat meat, rat meat, monkey meat, all sorts of disgusting stuff… and that crap carries diseases like Marburg and Ebola, etc. They have it shipped in, mismarked as to the contents to throw off the postal service. The postal service can’t stop it all. No way.

Once TSHTF, the CDC won’t be – can’t be – Johnny-on-the-spot to stop it or even contain it…. and the crud will flash-burn through our population like wildfire.

The only thing that might stop it, or at least slow it down since it is mosquito-borne, will be the frost line. Anything below that will be susceptible.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1