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Yep 1974. Yesterday I went to help neighbor farm shear sheep because they were having trouble getting anyone to help.. Would love to see Mr Hoops do that. Unh. Talk about back breaking work. My arms are like rubber. I decided it’s paperwork day so I can sit with a heating pad on my back! We did 410 sheep yesterday. One very old guy who travels around sheering sheep (for most of his life) was there. He can sheer a sheep in about 3 minutes. I think his back is really a steel spring. Fascinating to watch him. He basically gets it all in one piece and when he stands up/is done the pelt is already rolled and in one swift move, dumped in the bag and on to the next. Smelly ass work. I can get them calm relatively quickly (projecting total calm) but man, my poor hands just can move as quick as that mans and I have to take breaks in between to rest my ‘grip’. He told me later he normally gets up every day and slathers castor oil on his hands, dripping wet, and sticks his hands in lambskin gloves and wears them all day and his hands don’t hurt. I was surprised cause his hands are bumpier/more knotted than mine for sure. I think I’ll give it a shot!