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Thank You, 74 and MalGus. Much good food for thought.
Perhaps the best “Bug In” plan is to reach out, as mentioned. We have a Deputy Sheriff 4 houses down, IMO he would be the best to approach first and get on board? I’m pretty sure the county has a “disaster plan” as the state live in has
passed the Silver/Gold legal tender act, (one of many states) and our State Sheriff’s Association has joined CSPOA
(more info @ CSPOA.org) but I am not going to be reliant on ANY government agency at all, I am just mentioning this
as I believe it may give insight to the way the deputy thinks.

74, I hear you about the basement! One of Selco’s first encounters was where his neighbor retreated to the basement,
and they smoked him out some way and killed him. Don’t get yourself cornered, always leave an escape route. I have
“protection” covered, one of Selco’s best pieces of advice, reiterated my own way is that your top ten preps list should
be 1-7 Guns and Ammo, then Water, Food, Fuel… Pretty much got that covered completely. ;)

This will be the start of a long process, I will start “conditioning” dad and mom for a possible bug-out and
by the time it is getting close, they will prolly be saying “Isn’t it about time to BUG OUT?”

Thanks so much , hope to get to know you all much Better!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

Cogito, ergo armatus sum

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