And “our fault”?

That may be so.
Back in Colorado, a domestic violence law was passed by the voters despite law enforcements warnings.

It basically put the officer on the spot.
If there was any evidence of a domestic, the primary agressor went to jail. Period.
If the “victim” used the right words, the other went to jail. Period.
If the victim felt threatened, jail.
And so on.

No officer disgression, no cooling off period, no going to a hotel for the night, jail.

This is what the people wanted, they voted it in.

As a comedic example of the law being enforced as the voters passed it, a woman went to jail for throwing doughnuts down the stairs at her husband. He scratched his head on the endtable falling into the couch. The responding officers found her screaming at the top of the stairs, him passed out (drunk) on the couch surrounded by blood and doughnuts.

They had her threats, the blood and were bound by law to act, she went to jail.

Oh, didn’t I mention the part where a failure of an officer to act would mean their arrest.

Sometimes bad laws are enforced just so someone will challenge them, hopefully.

LE doesn’t create laws, they’re just stuck with them, good or bad.

And Avengers? Hardly.
Armed janitors most of the time.