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SELCO, and Friends, I need lots of help in this area. I have a relatively small family group, Elderly parents (~70 y.o.) and wife, (my age) and one son, my daughter will be married soon and I expect even if SHTF tomorrow, she would go with her fiance. Son lives here for now, he’s a great team member and my co-leader. I told him he is the leader if we have conflict, and I am basically the resources leader.

The plan for now is to BUG-IN. But I really need guidance on leaving, or bugging out. Basically the timing, according to your article, that is what I need to figure out for our group. Dad could likely do OK in a flight situation, but mom is in worse health, but as far as I know, she could still bug out. The deal is they will want to STAY. We have pretty much everything we need to bug IN. We may be OK here, it is a suburban area outside of a small town of 40-50 thousand people and we have a decent Sheriff’s Office, pro 2A and all that.

I’d join the school but funds are not available at the time, I lost my job (thanks federal govt!) and it is just not possible…

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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