The one thing that controlled people in Somalia was food. NGOs (Non-government Organizations) set up operations in Mogadishu itself. Of course then the Warlords took over the city. We (UN operation called United Shield) came in and took over part of the city where the airport and harbor where located.
There was never a string of events that would tell anyone what was happening. One day the warlords ran everything and the next day it was the UN and the warlords.
The people of Somalia really had no choice. Everyone went to where they could find food. Famine had the entire country for almost 3 years prior to NGOs coming in with food in the early 1990s. Then in 1995 the UN came back to pick-up their equipment and people. We also gave rides to any NGO that had people ready to leave.
The next US Presidential election in 2016 may be about food not politics. Texas has been in various stages of drought since 2004. The “Corn Belt” not as long but still drier than normal.
The water in the pot holding the frog is getting hotter.