Don’t let the college turn you into a sheeple. Ingest knowledge but it should be proved by at least two different source’s. Read the college position paper on concealed carry. If it is allowed on parking lots then I suggest you get a concealed carry permit and go to a pawn shop and buy a low cost weapon (some folks like 9mm but I like 45acp.) Find a cheap (but not run down) storage site and get a small locker. Buy a few plastic totes. Fill them with items like cranola bars, rice, corn and beans (uncooked.) Get a “fire starter” or two. Keep one close and the other with your “stuff.” Buy cases of bottled water (some Wal-marts sell it for under $4 per case.) Buy a POS (piece of sh*t) bike and keep it in your locker. Work on it when possible to make it reliable. Buy a lock (outstanding quality only) to put on your locker. Key type only (no combo or digital.)
Print out the different strings on this web site you find interesting. Research those topics at your library.
Get a part time job as a waiter, bus boy/gal or any job dealing with the public. Outstanding source of intel is what people talk about when they are eating or waiting to eat. Plus this will help pay for your Preps.

Do not ever ever think you know it all. Learn something new every day. Today I learned out “M2″ from the “Velocity of money” string.