I think it’s funny because of how correct the article is, or could be.

Hollyweird has made post-SHTF living out to be constant gunbattles, cannibalism, and nomadic wandering.

In most short and long term SHTF situations we can look back on, Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, WWI & WWII for Europe, we can see certain things. And to (mis)quote FerFAL, “the world isn’t going to end, it’s just gonna get more complicated”.

But that doesn’t sell theater tickets, sensationalism does.

Max Rockatansky driving his “Interceptor” in a post-nukie world (Mad Max) sells tickets, Zombies have sold tickets even in the days of Bob Hope (The Ghost Breakers), every sort of worst case scenario (2012) will sell. People eaking out a living digging a garden, drying meat and drinking willow tea to cure headaches for your daily excitement wouldn’t sell.

What so many forget is that so many of today’s necessities were designed back in the ancient days. Long before computers, we had gasoline. Where there is a will, there is a way. It wouldn’t take that much for a few of the old ‘engineer’s’ to get together over coffee and tell the kids how to make gasoline again the way they used to do.
We have a large number of retired petroleum engineers in town, gents who have worked around the world pulling the oil out and making stuff with it.

The knowledge won’t vanish just because the hurricane hits town, or the lights go out.
There are enough ‘porta-power’ units rolling around here on the back of pickups (welders) that we could light up this corner of the state and keep refining with minimal interference. And believe me, welder units are EMP safe, there isn’t anything more dumbed down and stupid except a push mower or a NY Senator.

I speak of refining? Yup, Sinclair, Wyoming. Sound familiar to anyone who’s bought gas at a Sinclair gas station?
Yup, made right here. Oil gets trucked in, gas gets trucked out. It really can be that simple.

Is it a long term solution, of course not but it is one method of beating the crunch until better can be had/built.

How about shipping (land based)? The diesel locomotives may not work, but there are a number of working ‘steamers’ out there even today in collections, museums and the like. The UP 4014 “Big Boy” went through town recently for a rebuild, bringing it back online for historical purposes. Designed to pull long, brutally heavy loads across Nebraska and Wyoming (especially WY) the Big Boy’s were the muscle cars of the train world. And there are a few still running. The railroads are refurbishing these for historical purposes, for posterity and such. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be stoked up, steam pressure brought up and rolled across the country again tomorrow. Train Loco’s such as this could again quite easily transport materials across the country.
All it would take is a well planned timetable (use an old one, save time figuring it out again) and accurate watches for the employee’s. And what is and has always been the one requirement of railroadmen? An accurate watch.