I will say this.

Even though our family has one foot in Europe and one foot here in the US, I am a Southron born and bred. This is my place and I will not be moved, come hell or high water… if that means I go down defending what’s mine, then that is what that means.

My wife and son, however, are a different story. When TSHTF, they will be put on a plane or boat (whichever is still operational) with as much PM’s as they can carry, some precious few belongings and they are to make their way to Europe, and then to Finland. Yep, Finland. Stable, economically sound, good people, even if it’s a bit cold and their national language is 10 different kinds of jacked up. Good educational system. Finland is marginal, which is why I chose it as a refuge for them.

I’ve done the tropical thing… too hot and lotsa bugs. Snakes and jaguars too. And those jacked up spiders that are so damn big, they catch and eat birds. The Black Palm – which is a tree so messed up, if you touch it, it instantly infects and is agonizingly painful. The poisonous barbs break off under the skin and go septic almost instantly. If you get mad and chop it down, the sap is poisonous. If you get mad and burn it, the fumes are poisonous as well. It is one effed up tree that should not exist. Just leave it alone. Sea snakes, which, if they bite you, you got like 15 minutes to make your peace with God – there ain’t no antivenin in existence. Then there’s that little green bastard of a snake that hangs down from the trees and looks like a vine – it bites you when you walk by… used to call it the two-stepper. It bites you, you take two steps and then keel over. Bushmasters, which will kill you just because they’re mean as ****. Malaria. Yellow Fever. Other hideous crawly things… yeah, you all can have that ****. If you’re on the coast in a reasonable area, or near a reasonable area where a man can at least get a good meal and a cold beer (even if it does taste like piss) once in awhile, then it ain’t that bad.

Just stay out of the jungle.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1