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I have been super, super busy these last few weeks! We are making progress on my outdoor canning kitchen – all the plumbing and electrical are finished, lights installed, and we are scheduled for concrete floor to be poured on Friday. Hallelujah! I am so excited. This has been a very long journey of converting a space that was trashed into something very usable and needed. If all goes well, I will be canning in a couple weeks after the concrete has cured and is sealed. It is the last thing to get done. Well, the cabinets/countertop needs to go in, but that will not take long. That is great because I have a bunch of canning that is waiting to get done. No more trying to can outside in the sun, wind and rain!

Tweva, I would love to fall into your good find of manure. I am using the last scrapings that I have of well rotted horse manure. Now I have to find more and haul it in. Actually, I am going to try (am trying) the Back To Eden method and will see how that works for me. I tried the route of straw added to the soil and I have created a monster of weeds. I will be weeding it out for the next several years.

Mostly now, I have the manure from my chickens and will use that instead of the horse manure that I have to haul in. The only problem is that the garden is big and my girls have a hard time keeping up with it. In the fall, I will have the stuff from their yard that I can use and they will start on a new batch for me for next year. I need more chickens!