Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Robin what I had built is what amounts to a more efficient wood burning stove that also burns the smoke/gasses that are produced.

That being said, if/when I scale up this rocket stove, I could in theory add a container that holds wood chips to produce a wood gas, which would then be able to run a generator, or even compress it and put it into empty propane cylinders to use as a cooking/heating fuel. But I’m still rather far away from that aspect, mostly just theoretical discussion at this point for me.

If I can ever start work on a project like that, I’ll probably start a youtube channel to document the progress. I’ve been tossing that idea around for a while now, in the sense that I’d take ideas for things that we would need in a SHTF world, and basically see if I can build them today. It’d be pretty fun I think. What do you guys think about that?

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