<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Agree Selco, The small suitcase nuclear bomb or dirty bomb were the bomb can hit a city are destroy that city. One man or two man terrorist group is what we need to keep a look out for.

Again a tragedy but a relatively localized happening.
DC gets hit, wouldn’t effect the price of an egg in oregon.

Looking back, 9/11.
We all were effected, if no other way than there was nothing else on the tv for weeks.
But aside from flight restrictions, how were most of us physically effected? The lights stayed on, the trucks still delivered the food, aside from the drama we created, there was little real effect elsewhere.

From the viewpoint of what physically effected more people, hurricane Sandy or Katrina were much more destructive and long lasting.

And as such, because of the widespread effect, the long term damage, the predictability and unpredictability of the circumstances,we must look at these situations as those we plan for and the localized events are suddenly less traumatic.

Long term problems, we can plan for, we can adjust with or to.
Water issues? Filters, boiling, storage are all ways and means of handling this.
Same for food shortages, you can store food, grow it, trade for it, but only having only one way, that is dangerous.

Take the long view, redundant means to perform similar jobs or services. Items that don’t wear out. Things like this,
That way when the grind has you enjoying those 4 hours of power for the week, you have the means to not just survive but to thrive in those conditions.