Sounds so good what you are up to guys! :)

Today is a great day. I have bought some new tea yesterday and just enjoy a cup of a fine new Oloong tea from a local tea plantation. Sun is shining and the weather is hot like always but Im in a really really good mood that I can get back to work.

I had enough sleep finally, we have proper Internet since this morning (yey! this is pretty important for me hehe) and I’m done with all the important stuff for our new little homestead (planning the garden, selecting trees, vegetables and fruits to grow and so on).

At the moment what I really crave is some routine. I know this is terrible for many people but I like to have some more predictability in my life these days. It will probably take some more months until everything runs smooth but we are almost there.

It is also a good decision that we just stop building for a few months and simply live on the land before we build the main house (we have a smaller guest house there already where we live in). We can get familiar with the land now and dont have all the time construction workers around. Some quiet time and focus is what I hope for in the coming weeks! :)

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")