Grylls, being a SAS type, is basically a SF trooper…

The difference between Rangers and SF was put to me this way:

Two groups of soldiers were in a bar drinking beer. Rangers and SF. An orderly runs in and says that there will be a war tomorrow at 6 am in Atlanta.

The Rangers don’t even finish their beer. They get up, ruck up and start marching to Atlanta.
The SF guys keep on drinking till 3am, then they grab their ****, go steal a truck and then drive to Atlanta.

When you view Grylls’s actions through this lens, it makes sense. You’re shooting a survival show. You’ve showed the rubes at home how to dig a snow shelter (a good one, too) and it’s getting dark. It’s cold. There’s a perfectly good Inn 300 yards down the hill from us and you’ve got a pocket-full of Euros… why not hit the rack, get up early, have breakfast served to you by a beautiful blonde Alpenfrau, grab some coffee and then go back to shooting your show?

Yeah, I get it. I just don’t like being sold a bill of goods. It was portrayed that dude spent the night in the snow shelter he built… but if they would have turned the cameras 180 degrees the other way and showed the Inn they stayed at, it would have destroyed the spell of “suspension of disbelief”… and wouldn’t have made for a good show. But now that they portrayed it one way, and the truth is completely different, it has sort of discredited the guy… or at least the producers.

Dig a snow cave or stay at a warm, toasty Inn with blonde Alpenfraus, food and hot coffee? Maybe some schnapps? Yeah.. that’s a pretty easy choice to make.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1