While Grylls antics were and are often comedic, from the standpoint of what can get you killed the fastest, especially if you don’t have a camera crew and medics handy, I found his shows to be amusing at the least.

Realistic? Hardly, but then it’s television, not reality.
The only way something like this could be ‘real’ is for it to be solo and broadcast live, and that would have great periods of boredom between action.

So he likes to spend his nights in hotels rather than on the cold hard ground? So do I.
They never said he was stupid, they just never said where he was spending his off camera time.
As to inferring that he spent nights in various places, there isn’t a show that doesn’t set up shots, even Stroud does it, he just shows the second camera angles so one understands the why of the situation.

Les Stroud is probably the most ‘realistic’, and even he contrives some of the situations, to make it more viewable.
He just doesn’t stay the night at a holiday inn while filming.

Of all the “survival experts” out there, Ray Mears and Stroud are the ones I prefer to listen to or read.
Cody Lundin, the bush hippie in his element not on tv is also worth a few minutes of time.