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Because I got tired of forgetting to put things I frequently need everyday at work I started storing almost all of it in a pouch on my belt. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting any of my sets of keys, cell phones (a personal one and one work gave me for when I am in other buildings), my wallet, etc. and I also no longer need to worry about my old “boo-boo” kit that had been in an Altoids tin getting crushed in my back pocket any more. Then I have I have additional items in the satchel I carry on my daily commute to work, I that I have some larger flashlights and s more substantial first-aid kit (real first aid, has a couple of field dressings and some gauze pads, plus additional minor first-aid supplies. Then I have the backpack I take to work every Mondays with my lunches for the week, and bring back home on Fridays with the dirty dishes. That has even more first-aid supplies, including wraps, triangular bandages, etc. Plus in my office I keep a change of clothes, some heavy work gloves, a box of exam gloves, some disposable dust masks.

Finally there is my car (on days when I don’t walk to the bus stop) I have another first-aid kit that duplicates most the contents of the other two kits, plus a bunch of wraps, a trap, a couple of the old British IPKs (Individual Protection Kits, meant to help soldiers to add overhead cover to slit trenches, basically a thin vinyl tarp, some aluminum stakes and 50-60 feet of nylon cord), water, car emergency gear like jumper cables and a 12 volt spot light.

So as you can see I pretty much found your system on my own. but my big failing is the fact that I just can’t seem to not carry more flashlights and pocket knives than will probably ever be needed. As a matter of fact, sitting at my desk I usually have 8-10 flashlights and a similar number of pocket knives within arms reach between the 3 “zones” of my carry gear. If I can find where my camera wondered off to I will finish taking pictures of my zones, If I can’t locate it I will just start over.