Hey Toby,

Don’t mistake this post for me backpedaling.

I have no doubt that Bear has professional chops as an SAS trooper. He’s done some impressive ****. But the show that I saw here in the US, dude was being portrayed as really doing the survival thing, and I bought off on it… until I saw him allegedly going down some rapids without a boat or any floatation device… but if you looked closely, he clearly had a life vest on under his shirt… yeah, that was sort of phoney-baloney…

Then out comes the episode where he’s “roughing it” in the Alps… they showed him digging a snow cave, explaining how one is supposed to be built, etc… next scene, you see him popping his head out of the snow, saying that they got some snow during the night. The inference is that he spent the night in the snow cave and had to dig his way out. Comes out later that at the bottom of the hill where they were filming the “snow shelter” segment, there was an Alpine Inn, where Bear & Co. spent the night warm and cozy…

I don’t have a problem so long as folks are honest and genuine… I do have a problem when someone tries to blow smoke up my arse (means, trying to fool someone, etc).. and it doesn’t have anything to do with him being British. Phonys come in all flavors…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1