There is an outdoor writer in the US, who even dared to write a widely-read book on the ethics of hunting. While he was in university some years ago, he rented an apartment from my parents.  He avoided going to serve in Vietnam due to “injured ankles” from surfboarding (according to his attorney) yet he regularly skied cross-country while with us…  He had a writing contract with Sports Afield, and did an article on winter camping during that time.  His partner sheepishly admitted to us, after they returned from experiencing the “adventure” to write about it, that they had stayed most of the time in a warm, nearby farmhouse.  Given his lack of integrity in so many aspects while I was acquainted with him, I scoff at his “ethics”…  And look at all “survival” articles, videos, and TV episodes with a jaundiced eye.  Yes, I’m cynical.

Most real people we knew in Alaska seldom opened their mouths about their adventures.  Took it in stride as part of life in the wilderness…   After they knew you for a few years, they would quietly offer advice if they thought you were about to die from a foolish plan.  Only then.