Problems of younger generation is same almost everywhere. So it is same here, they want everything, they want it right away ,on easiest way.
They are completely depended on cell phones, computers, most of their friends they seen online only.

When SHTF great number of them will emotionally fall apart and become something like zombies, perfectly fit for different groups as a puppets.

It is result of modern world and its problems. For example ere we have unemployment around 50% now, so simply lot of things missing in bringing those young folks on right way.
Nobody care for them in some things, so they being formed on some wrong way, with some wrong values on mind.

It might sound like prophetically but it may be one more sign of those “last days”.

One thing that give me lot to think about is fact that new generation is simply much more “cruel” then 20-30 years we been.
Violence today is much more “normal” for them, it is not like they more skilled in violence, it is like they aproach it on way that it is something cool, or good.