I have never read that particular book. I think I will have to look it up. I have read similar books, however.

Been thinking about this thread…

You all remember me talking about a certain Captain in WWI named McBride? Guy did some pretty cool stuff that very much applies to dealing with our modern Visigoths…

McBride was having his hand at sniping some of the Herms one day and he took another guy with him. I think it was a young Indian fellow (feather, not dot). Anyways, they set up in some bushes about 100 yards from the top of this hill so they wouldn’t skylight themselves.. at the top of the hill was this old, shelled out house. This was a few hundred yards behind their lines, so they were shooting over the heads of their buddies and deep into the German lines…

They proceed to deck a couple Germans and the Germans, obviously not liking this, decide to retaliate. They called in artillery. They had a general idea where McBride and his spotter were, but not exactly. They got it into their heads that McBride and his spotter were holed up in this old shelled out house, so that is what they decided to attack.

McBride and his spotter heard the rounds coming in and took shelter, but they learned fast that the Germans were so anal-retentive about accurate fire, that almost every artillery round hit the house – leaving McBride and his spotter in complete safety, even though they were only but 100 yards away…

Once the shelling stopped, they waited awhile, then started shooting again. Once again, here comes a furious fusillade of artillery rounds that just pounded the house. Rinse, repeat, to great hilarity..

My point is, is that we did the same thing that McBride did, but where his tactics were largely accidental and a product of luck and circumstance, ours was intentional.

We would build a fighting position – a complete, elaborate, fully capable fighting position with overhead cover, etc – and then abandon it to a secondary site some distance away that looked like anything but a fighting position… this serves the same purpose as only opening one window and leaving the rest closed in a building, then abandoning the building completely and shooting from somewhere else.

The point is deception. The truth doesn’t matter – only what your opponent believes to be true…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1