Yea, Malgus, Yoda is actually one of mine favorite characters :)

Maybe looks like a bit off topic, but actually it is not:

In the first days of war, when tank shells started to fly all around and mortar round screamed with that scary-cool sound, one older man from our family kinda surprises us with his reactions, he was simply jumping on every detonation sound, looking how many walls is between him and possible explosions, jumping under the table etc.
I mean we all have been kinda scared at the beginning but our first feeling I think was curiosity.
All that was new for us. Young people were easily “recruited” for fights in all kind of groups, manipulated, forced to fight, to die in huge numbers.

That older dude was guerrilla fighter in WW2, and in the beginning we all ask ourselves like”how he could fight if he so scared?”
Soon we realize that he simply saw how people are easily torn apart from explosions, or killed with one small shrapnel from 300 meters. He had one great thing-experience.
Later we learn lot of great things from his stories, before that he was something like man with”I eat tree bark in my time, because I had nothing else to eat” dude.

Now I am not so old like that man was in those days, and I am not definitely so “jumpy” like he was then, but now I have that experience too.
And many times I see people eager to go to the fights (of all kinds), and I can see how lot of young and strong folks probably gonna die just because they too eager too die.

I think it is natural, there always gonna be young 19 years old people, who believe in some things, who want to be heroes, I feel sorry for most of them when SHTF next time.

Don’t go lookin’ for trouble. It will find you.

Yep, definetly.