Tasco used to make a high end air-rifle scope that survived countless thousands of shots on my-air rifle.
@$200 and well worth it.

Check with the manufacturer to make sure the scope is up to the abuse.

And yes, the ‘reverse’ recoil effect is what destroys conventional scopes as they’re not built to handle the beating coming from the wrong direction.

Depending on how far ‘off’ they are, or if they stay there or are wandering, you can get the same effect on conventional rifles. When sighting in, the adjustment spring may not be fully seated in the right place after adjustment and can shift slightly during recoil, changing point of aim/impact. Scopes with the “Posi-Lock” style feature don’t have this issue once the lock is engaged, so long as you don’t forget to unlock the adjustment before taking a screwdriver to the adjustment turrets.