Absolutely agree with you Toby. Push your limits, if you can take the hard way do it, whenever you have choices and it means you expose yourself to calculated risks.

I enjoy solo hiking for this reason. A one day hike suddenly turns into a two day hike because you can’t shelter where you planned to shelter. You have to be aware to not get lost or backtrack if you do. You are alone and dont see people for several days. You have nobody to complain to, no help, you have just yourself, skills and gear to make things work. (I do take an emergency beacon for emergencies with me though)

A lot of people dont take this sort of training very serious but putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is exactly what makes you more resilient and in this case it does not matter what it is and does not even have to be outdoor.

Funny that you mention the hospital part. I have the same planned in a hospital that takes care of refugees nearby.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")