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Sounds like your doing a great job. I sure hope you have helping hands. I’m thinking about what happens in a EMP, lack of fuel kind of thing for someone that has your set up. (I know you have thought it through)

Just curious what you have for a tractor, making a guess how big your garden is, plus mowing and such. The requirements can be covered easily with modern machinery. What is now a small tractor can do an amazing amount of work. You can use a single or double bottom plow, cultivator, sprayer in the orchard, 3 point hitch mower, post hole digger, front end loader/ fork lift, PTO driven blowers, hydraulics for a wood splitter. plus other equipment I didn’t list. (not saying you have all this stuff)

Of course what I’m wondering is what is the conversion factor for a tractor to horses. I’m thinking a team of draft animals is needed to replace even a small tractor just for the plowing and mowing (with a youth to run the team).

As a side note: If the rice variety you planted fails for some reason, you might be able to grow the type of wild rice that grows on the lakes and rivers in Minnesota. Of course it could be that is what you planted.