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Have had skin cancer removed from my face. Part of being an outdoor person I suppose. Not fun to contemplate someone carving up your face I know. Sunscreen is dashed hard to keep on when you are sweating outdoors so I just wear a huge hat and loose long sleeve cotton flannel shirts and jeans. Yep, even in high summer. Took my clue from all the Mexican and Honduran farm workers here.

About Vitamin D. I am outdoors lots more than most people I know that basically don’t like nature! However, a couple of years ago I was having energy issues. Found myself having to ‘force’ myself to do stuff/rally to find energy. Finally realized it wasn’t because I was ‘older’ -something was wrong. A blood test revealed that my Vitamin D levels were basically about 3 – should be around 50. Had to take big doses of the stuff for about 6 weeks (noticeable improvement in a week) – and now take it daily. Apparently this ism ore common than most people realize.