No more GI surplus ammo since CMP went down the drain….

Used to be, you could get all sorts of stuff surplus… watched a show on History last night about rum runners. They’d have dayrunners built with twin Liberty engines they bought surplus. The Liberty engines were WWI surplus aircraft engines and ran like a scalded cat. All the stuff sold to civilians after WWII…

Nowadays, they’d rather just chop it up, burn it or give it away to anyone overseas rather than let us – the people who actually paid for it – have it. They had some dumb law that said surplus ammo couldn’t be sold as complete ammo… so an industry sprang up where they would disassemble the ammo, dump out the powder, then reweigh the powder charges and reassemble the ammo, then sell that to folks… technically, it wasn’t “surplus” if it was disassembled first…

I’m thinking this is a good working definition of “dirtbags”…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1