The M1897… the old thumb buster.

Owned one for about a month. Loved how badassed it looked, but yeah, it tore up my thumb something fierce. I don’t “do” guns that make you bleed just by using them. Still, your post backs up my advocating the 12 gauge.

Knew about the Moro/drug thing. The binding thing, not so much. If memory serves, the 38 Spl was also originally a BP round.

Thanks for the clarification on the other stuff, jeep…

@ nighthawk

You’re putting me in a bad place… :)

On one hand, I got my old man – a Korean War combat vet – telling me the M1 was reviled, replaced at the first opportunity… on the other, I got a Nam vet for whom I got nothing but respect telling me the exact opposite… that it was good stuff – better than the XM16E1’s…

What to do… what to do??

Screw it. Carry a shotgun. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1