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Not picking a fight either but I’m an amateur student of military history. I love the subject and read all I can find about it. Just a little more info.

It was actually  the .38 long colt  that was ineffective against the Moros. It was  a black powder cartridge with a 150 grain bullet at about 750fps velocity.  The .38 special was developed partially as a result of the failures in this campaign.

One if the reasons was the Moros would get worked up into a frenzy on some type of drug ( I forget what at the moment) and bind their bodies with tourniquet like straps and take an oath to die killing infidels. Unless you hit the brain or spine, they wouldn’t be stopped by a bullet. Failure to hit that small target usually resulted in being decapitated by the infamous  Bolo. Even the .30-40 Krag had stopping failures.(there were reports of soldiers empting rifles into charging moros and not stopping them) The soldiers made poor man’s dum-dums by pulling the bullets from the issue rounds and putting them in backwards. The .45 worked better but it still had failures to stop in that theater.  The Winchester M 1893 pump shotgun and its later stable mate the M1987 pump got their “baptism of fire” in that theater. They were the only thing that would reliably stop a charging Moro at close range.