I do try to understand the reasons for all the mess we are in right now and we are slowly drowning in but I don’t ponder it too much or even care about it anymore.

I’ve long held the belief that I was being saved for something important.. There’s been too many times I should have been dead, but I’m still here. I try to understand the mess we’re in because, if I’m going to be around after it all comes down, then I’m gonna have a say in how what we’re building is constructed. Try to prevent this from happening again, if we can… and if I’m not around, then it is my responsibility to teach those younger than me about this mess and how it got this way, so that they can rebuild properly…

I have no more faith in governments, corporations and most authorities.The whole system in its current form is not sustainable, whoever runs it. So this part is like a closed chapter for me.

Me either, brother… I loathe our government and have nothing but scorn and disdain for the ‘authorities’… running an unsustainable system so that a select few can stay in power and/or get breath-takingly rich is obscene. We only matter every 4 years or so, when it comes time to put the same sociopaths back into power. Other than that, they don’t give a **** about us… unless we actually realize that it is we who hold the power. More of us than there are of them, and we’re armed to the teeth… then TPTB will panic and try to slam the boot down on our throats, but it will be too late..

Maybe this is a bit like a person with a terminal disease that has come to terms with it. I try to use the “good” time we still have as much as possible to get ready for whatever happens. Even if nothing happens, I will have learned more skills that I enjoy and value for what they are.

5 stages of grief? The Kübler-Ross model? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance… not a bad comparison, Jay…

I’ve accepted that Very Bad Things are heading this way, but along with that comes a deep sense of betrayal and sadness, both of which have ignited a fury in my heart. Thousands of good men have laid down their lives in the name of the Republic, and for what? So that these evil pieces of crap can exploit the system, become shatteringly rich and rule us all with an iron bootheel on our throats?

All empires die, sooner or later… we’ve had a good run, but I think our star is setting. Perhaps we can save the best of what we were and use that to build a better place….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1