True words Malgus. There is no denying that we will have to face a pretty nasty storm soon.

But like you said, there will be something like a new beginning and that comes along with the chance that the people who survived all this can rebuild a better society.

This is what I look forward to (if I make it until then). I feel a bit like in preparing for a big challenge (or even “game”).

I do try to understand the reasons for all the mess we are in right now and we are slowly drowning in but I don’t ponder it too much or even care about it anymore.

I have no more faith in governments, corporations and most authorities.The whole system in its current form is not sustainable, whoever runs it. So this part is like a closed chapter for me.

Maybe this is a bit like a person with a terminal disease that has come to terms with it. I try to use the “good” time we still have as much as possible to get ready for whatever happens. Even if nothing happens, I will have learned more skills that I enjoy and value for what they are.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")