@ osage, Jay, Selco and freedom,

Not to sound like Yoda or anything, but I was pondering y’all’s responses… if I may?

The guns are easy to make – it’s the ammo that is hard. A working Sten can be fabricated in most auto shops, it’s the magazines and ammo that are difficult. A single shot shotgun (butter gun) is very simple to make. – osagemarine

You must have missed our previous discussion re: making primers and smokeless rifle powder. It’s somewhere in the threads. I listed resource material that lays out, step by step, the materials you will need to make primers and smokeless rifle powder, including safety protocols. If you can’t find it, throw up a flare and I’ll repost. Brass can be either reused (a couple times) or fabbed from brass bar stock if it’s all you got. Perfect world would be a brass making machine.

Second thing is that a magazine is just a metal box with a spring in it. If you can machine a receiver and get sear angles right, a metal box with a spring in it is cake. It doesn’t have to be pretty to work. Saint John M. Browning did it with nothing but hand tools in a small workshop. So did Hiram Maxim. So did the IRA, and those guys turned out weapons every bit the equal of what we turned out during WWII, but they made their stuff whole cloth in tiny basement workshops…

If those guys can do it, then we can do it. I will grant you that a single shot shotgun is pretty stinkin’ easy to make. If it’s all a prepper can make, then it is what it is…

I think this article also highlights how important it is to stay hidden if you can and be with a strong community that sticks together. If you have to fight you better know fighting, but do now whatever it takes to minimize the chances that it gets to this point. – Jay

Exactly. My old daddy told me a lot of things. Some of which I incorporated into my life rules. One was “The easiest way to win a fight is to not be there in the first place.” Not putting yourself in a position to get killed isn’t cowardice, it’s self-preservation.

First thing is to be always cautious, even if you are very well organized, there is always possibility that someone else is better organized (and armed) then you, and want your stuff. – Selco

Yep. Another one from my daddy – “No matter how bad you think you are, someone else out there exists who can kick your ass, so watch your mouth.” Speaking as someone who didn’t listen to his daddy and got my ass kicked all over the place, I can say for a fact that it is solid-gold truth…

You need to try your best to stay away from trouble. Only fight when there is no other way out of were you are. Fighting in the cities may bring in more trouble from others. A good group does help not only to protect but also to rest. — Freedom

Yep. One of mine — “Don’t go lookin’ for trouble. It will find you.”

Although I agree with your premise, would advocate caution – fighting when there is no alternative might give your opponent the time to amass enough force to overwhelm you. You don’t fight from a position of weakness, you fight from a position of strength. If you know your enemy knows of you, and is hell-bent on getting rid of you and taking your ****, then you attack him before he gets too strong to defeat… play to his weaknesses and your strengths, not the other way around.

Oh yeah, another one. One of mine. “Ain’t no such thing as a “fair fight”. Those who ***** and whine about “fighting fair” are usually the losers. You fight using every dirty trick you can think of, and fight as if every fight will be your last.”

And another – “The definition of a “Hero” is usually someone who gets a lot of other people killed.”

One I told my guys, usually after they did something monumentally stupid – “You know that feeling you get that something just ain’t right? That’s a “red flag”. You need to start listening to them. They’ll keep you alive.”

One of these days, I’m gonna write all this stuff down… my son calls them “Pithy nuggets of wisdom”.. some I got from my daddy, some from Sun Tzu, some from experience, etc… but they all apply..

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1