I don’t actually have a BOB, I did once upon a time now I have the bag I use for Bushcraft that can be used as a BOB.

What cloths you have should be dependant on several things, time it takes you to get from A – B, Weather/ Time of Year that sort of thing. BUT things get more complicated depending on if you have a BOL or if your BOB is an INCH or Refugee Pack.

Heading to a stocked BOL, a change of socks for each day traveling might be nice maybe a change of cloths depending the length of the journey you want to get there ASAP so don’t overload yourself.

Most INCH bags are implausible imho depending on scenario but the majority of people think they’re going to pack everything they need to live in the woods indefinately on their backs whilst severly lacking the skill sets needed or understanding the logistics involved.

A Refugee Pack, cloths should be hardwearing and appropiate for the time of year.

You could just be bugging out to a premier inn depending on scenario where full camo will stand out, saw a guy in Lidl in full camo the other day, he didn’t exactly blend in.

Just my opinion.

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