Both the heart and ability.

Found that out my first shift on the street (ex LEO), when I found myself pulling the trigger back.


There’s a guilt that’s been created in the last 50-60 years that you didn’t see prior to WWII.  Justified killing was just that,  and a part of life and many jobs.


Now even the animals have feelings, rights and such.

Before, you behaved like an animal, you were treated like one.

Little trayvon had a bad childhood so he turns to crime because his mommy didn’t love him enough? Big deal, not my problem.

I ain’t his mother, father or keeper. He wants to behave like an animal, I have zero problems putting him down like one.

Hard hearted? No, just realistic.

I used to hunt men. Theres no other way of saying it. I would have lost zero sleep after shooting any of those, had it happened. I had already resigned myself to the inevitability of the situation.

Bad guy should have gotten a job and taken care of his family, not been out causing his own demise.