I sent some of your comments on reloading for BP to a friend who is into that.  He wrote back and this is what he said:

I have not loaded any BP cartridges in awhile because mostly the cleaning issue. There are a couple powders which work well in cast bullet loads in both BP and modern cartridges, 5744 being the most useful. The info you provided is all good, sound stuff. Most any cartridge can be loaded with BP (FF granulation) simply by filling the case to a point where there will be slight compression of the powder when seating the bullet. The 30-30 was at first a BP load. Because of the cleaning issue, I would recommend single shot actions or revolvers. The original Colt .45 was designed for BO (this must be a typo= BP?) and has clearances a bit looser than the later models. The modern ones will shoot BP, two to three cyls before the fouling binds them up tight.  One advantage of BP is that it does not deteriorate in dry storage as smokeless will do. Could not hurt to have a few ## on hand. Track of the Wolf at Elk River, MN  is one of the few local places that stock it, they also have the lube and about everything needed for the BP cartridge shooter.