Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Malgus you’re bang on! People with the training, skillsets, and mindset like you are very valuable, and on the other side of the table, very dangerous. Defence isn’t something to be taken lightly, and is something we all should be learning and training for more.

As for GPMG’s or LMG’s, you never know what’ll be found out in the space, which is why I always hark on having patrols out there seeing what resources can be had, or what other people who are operating in your area are rockin’. Have you guys ever seen some of the weapons the cartels in Mexico have? Drug money can buy some pretty advanced hardware.

(just a thought, it may be wise to read up on and get a general idea of what heavy weapons are like (belt fed, RPGs and the like), how to operate them, etc. for those of use who have no experience with military training on weapons recognition and operation).

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