I keep a flecktarn compression stuff sack for my clothing . It is placed vertically , in between the side compression straps of the pack .

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 extra pair of German army flecktarn BDU pants
  • 1 flecktarn t-shirt
  • 1 casual light weight civie button down short sleeve – subdued color
  • 1 plain navy blue pull over hoodie – no markings
  • 1 forrest green Cabellas baseball cap
  • 4 pairs socks
  • 3 pair underwear

That is what I consider spare clothing . I also have a few bandanas , a boonie hat that folds into nothing , pair of leather work gloves , 2 pair of thin stretchy  black gloves w/ rubberized fingers . And a Flecktarn poncho , these are either on my person or elsewhere in the pack , they take up little space . but if I do have to go out the door , I have some cloths that I special ordered from Germany , just in case , an all weather smock and reinforced pants . If I am forced out the door , I’m not concerned how I look , and will be tacked out with flecktarn chest rig , AK , etc. nobody will be safe and I want all my defensive **** handy , I also have a Soviet DVD cloth jump ” helmet ” for minor head protection , if I felt it needed , most likely not . I will not be wearing the civie stuff , that is for if I had to go into a town to look around or buy things ……other than that , its military equipment .


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