Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

If you are not already, save every casing you find, steel or brass. There are articles out there on how to convert Berdan primed cases to Boxer primers. I was smart and bought several thousand Berdan primers when they were available. You can usually get one or two decent reloads with steel. main thing to check is the case neck. If it’s split, toss it. For storage, simply dry them in the oven on a low heat, put in ziplock bags, then “fog” the bag with silicone spray or WD-40. No reloading press? No problem. Get a rubber mallet, set of dies, and reload Kyber Pass style. The x39 round is more forgiving on tolerances than other calibers.

Hydraulic decapping: http://youtu.be/R75oAf6HkrU

Kyber Pass reloading(watch closely, it’s only a quick shot): http://youtu.be/FinRqCocwGE

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