It’s almost 9am now.. been up since 6.

Got dressed, made a full pot of strong coffee. Gonna be a long day. Ate breakfast (toast, eggs, and of course, coffee) and had a thoroughly enjoyable smoke on the porch, watching the sun come up. I enjoy my own hand-made cigarettes more than the name-brand ones…

Got some painters coming over today to finish prepping the house for a new coat of paint and new shutters. Have to trim the hedges and seed the lawn. If there is time, I will work on R&R-ing the distributor on our tractor so I can mow the fields and finish drilling that last hole for our last tree…

Evening? Shower, clean up. Work on my boy’s shotgun and order parts for his CZ rifle – some upgrades I want to perform. When I’m done, should be a little death laser out to 75 yards or so. Thinking about purchasing another CZ… probably a 455 FS with the full mannlicher stock. Always thought they were classy. Hot rod it the same as my boy’s 452.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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